Choose The Best Flooring With Precision Restorations

Wood is one of the most desirable residential flooring materials in Kensington MD. Thanks to its hard sturdy surface, it can resist spills, stains and surface scratching. That’s why most homeowners like this flooring material so much. With Precision Restorations you have a range of flooring materials along with the best flooring installation services in Kensington, MD.


Why You Should Choose Wood For Your Flooring

If you give the right maintenance to your wood flooring, it will last 100 years or more. A big benefit of solid hardwood flooring is that you can repair it and refinish it several times before it needs to be replaced.

Nowadays, the options are limitless because eco-friendly and recycled materials have become more widely available. But what will work best for you? 

Select The Wood 

Our professional roofing contractors can help you choose the best wood flooring material for your house taking into account your needs and style.

A good starting point is to decide which type of wood has the physical and visual characteristics you desire. The most common in Maryland are white and red oak, cherry, hickory, and maple. 

After that, the next decision is how eco-friendly you want to be. You can choose between solid hardwood and engineered floor, prefinished or finished-in-place flooring.


After knowing the type of wood you want for your flooring, it’s time to start the installation process. For that, our roofing contractors will be taking action.

Step 1: Remove the old floor

This task can be delicate, especially for the number of layers the flooring can have. That’s why if you want to try doing it by yourself, we suggest you have patience and do it carefully, or better leave it to the experts.

Step 2: Prepare the subfloor

The previous step can leave the subfloor in a repairable condition. This can be a problem when installing the new flooring because it can leave the new flooring squeaking and bouncing. So it’s very important to prepare the subfloor to prevent structural issues.

Step 3: Prepare the new floor

Your new flooring has to rest inside your home, acclimate to your home’s humidity and temperature. This process can take up to a week and a half, so the installer needs to take the proper precautions.

Step 4: Put down the flooring

Our flooring contractors will lay down the hardwood floor properly to not have gaps and not lay evenly. 

Have The Work Done By The Experts

We can help you choose the best flooring for your house and install it professionally. Precision Restorations offers the best flooring installation services in Kensington, MD.